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Hablamos Español
Dear FSS Community,

We can’t thank you enough for being so patient with us during these unprecedented times for all! We are open but with limitations. Our dedicated staff continues to diligently work to process all of your requests. We wish we could control all aspects during these times but we can’t so thank you for your loyalty and understanding.

We know very well the difficulties and delays that are taking place across a lot of the industries and we want you to know that we are committed to doing our part to pursue as much stability as possible while serving you. Expected delivery times continue to be longer than usual, but we are hoping this starts turning a corner soon towards greater stability for you and us.

It is very important to note the following:
  • We are open but with limitations.
  • Online orders are being accepted at this time.
  • Our locations are closed to the public.
  • Pickup curbside service is available. You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup and how to proceed. Please follow the instructions provided
  • If we're not able to fulfill the timeframe you need, we completely understand and apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused.
  • Please keep in mind that any procedure is subject to change. Please make sure you sign up to our elist so that we can keep you informed.

We wish you much health, safety and stability. We will get through this! We thank you profusely for your cooperation and understanding. We hope that you continue to keep us in mind for your needs.

Your very grateful FSS Family

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