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Wooden hangers bring spring feelings to any store

Wooden hangers bring spring feelings to any store

Shoppers are starting to expand their summer wardrobes, and your store needs to be ready to show them that you have what they’re looking for. Your store displays should already have taken on their warm-weather colors, but there’s still more you can do to bring a little of the summer excitement into your shop. Besides the window decorations and small accents added on display tables, store fixtures can also serve an aesthetic purpose.

Whether it’s your jewelry stands or hangers, many items can help emphasize seasonal themes and bring your products to the forefront of a store.

Connecting with nature
Every type of hanger serves its own purpose, but wooden hangers bring a whole new aspect of design to various displays. For the summer clothes filling up store racks, a wooden hanger is a perfect reflection of the nature outside. Shoppers can better imagine themselves wearing pieces from your selection at the outdoor events and activities they’ll take part in this summer with the clothing displayed against the same natural materials they’ve been waiting all winter to enjoy.

With wooden hangers scattered around your entire store, the building will look like its own version of a retail forest. Customers won’t have to feel guilty about spending time indoors on nice days when your shop is decorated with materials reminiscent of the great outdoors.

These store supplies bring a natural look to shops that’s more appealing and comforting during the warmer seasons. Made from elements such as bamboo and sugarcane, the different shades of wood offer a subtle contrast as similar yet diverse as the wooded areas outside.

There’s a wide selection of wooden hangers in different colors as well, which is ideal if you want to focus more on what their texture brings to the shopping experience while also using the different tones to complement other themes in your shop.

Bringing the green to your store
Besides the visual benefits of wooden hangers, they’re also better for the environment than those made of plastic or wire. Eco-friendly hangers are more durable and last longer than most other conventional materials.

You won’t have to throw out as many damaged hangers and when you do, the material won’t take countless years to decompose.

Add some summer flair to your establishment any way you can before shoppers finish compiling their seasonal outfits so you can seize the moment and use your store’s designs to show the possibilities of your inventory.