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Wood trays can keep small items organized for an array of businesses

Wood trays can keep small items organized for an array of businesses

Inevitably, every store has merchandise that is difficult to keep organized and small items that are easily misplaced. You may have several options for display tables that allow your small products to stay orderly and eye-pleasing, but nothing felt right. Or maybe you are a fan of your current setup, but are looking for something new.

Regardless of what industry your business falls under, you can incorporate wood trays into your store displays to ensure your mini merchandise is presented in an appealing way.

Craft suppliers
The nature of crafting has a certain odds-and-ends quality that leads retailers to sell tiny products. Whether your customer base leans toward sewing supplies or scrapbooking, there is a way to organize the merchandise they’re looking for to make it a positive shopping experience.

While working with everything related to sewing projects, order wood trays to arrange on the countertops. Small items that would work well in this area include thread, thimbles and packs of needles. If you have a specific aisle or part of the store where customers can bring reams of fabric to be measured and cut, you can put trays on top of the low-level shelving. The perfect piece for this purpose is the Triple Divided Tray to keep it all sorted.

For items that are more related to art projects for children or scrapbooking, you may want to make a mixed tray with various products that people need. For example, set up an organized area for glue sticks, tape dispensers and erasers. You can even include another tray for an array of writing utensils.

Music shops
A music shop that sell recordings, instruments and supplies has plenty of products that should be displayed in an organized fashion. If you have an area where customers can test out and jam out on guitars, you should leave a selection of picks for use in a Rustic Oval Bowl. However, you can fan out packs of picks that are for sale in another bowl bowl near the cash register so they can pick their favorite. Feel free to add guitar strings that people can buy to restring their instruments to the display, as these are items musicians always need more of.

You may also want to assemble a music lovers tray in the cash register area with pairs of inexpensive headphones or ear plugs for avid concert-goers. If you want to make the setup even more snazzy and eye-catching, consider standing a few top-selling CDs up across the back of the tray.

Shoe stores
It’s common for shoe stores to carry an array of accessories beyond footwear. Some of the popular items that you may find toward the front of a shoe store are sunglasses, purses and more. If you have a lot of counter space that seems too empty, try arranging these products on wood trays. You don’t have to include everything, but perhaps just a sample of what you offer.

There are also the obvious culprits that people can find at a shoe store: laces, shoe polish, inserts and odor-control products. While your competitors will typically set these items up on rotating display fixtures, you can make the presentation more interesting with wood trays. With shoe laces arranged by color and lined up next to an equally organized selection of shoe polish, who could resist browsing the merchandise? If you also sell socks or stockings, you can create an enticing display. Think about sorting the socks by size and color so it’s easy for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.