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Women know what they want in a store

Women know what they want in a store

In today's society, men and women tackle many of the same jobs – working, taking care of the kids and cooking. But in many households, the women still rule the roost when it comes to shopping. Because of this, it's important to market your retail store a bit more to the women who shop there, and there are many ways to do so.

Keep the store floor lively

Women shop at certain stores for very specific reasons, whereas men tend to go to the store with the best prices. To keep the lady shoppers happy, make sure you have your newest or most popular merchandise on display tables right when customers walk in, so they know they're looking at the best products upfront.

Make the aisles efficient

Many women today have to rush around from work to the store, and then to pick up their kids from practice or other activities. This means there's little time to walk the aisles aimlessly, and leading a busy mom on a wild goose chase for what she needs could stop her from coming back. To avoid this, take a good look around your store to ensure every item is where it's supposed to be. For summer, make sure the sunblock and sun hats are displayed near the bathing suits and towels for a more pleasant shopping experience.