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With high sales expected, it’s time to stock up for end-of-year clearance

With high sales expected, it’s time to stock up for end-of-year clearance

It’s time to clean up and clear out. During the holidays and end-of-year clearance period, retailers can expect to see heightened sales, according to expert analysts who say consumer confidence is on the rise.

UPI reported that retail sales in November went up 0.7 percent, marking the most significant increase since June. Hot-selling items included electronics, furniture and automobiles, which reached a six-year record. Unemployment has also been declining, and economic experts hope this may promote positive economic trends in terms of spending.

With that optimistic outlook, it’s not a bad idea to prepare your own space for end-of-year sales, which can contribute to up to 40 percent of many retailers’ annual profit. Here are some ideas that will hopefully help merchandise fly off the shelves:

Show and tell
Clearance sales are no time to be cautious about your advertising efforts. With prices low and shoppers looking for the best deals, it’s a win-win situation for customers and retailers alike. You’ll want to draw their attention to the items that are particularly temptingly priced. Amp up your advertising campaign, both inside and out in front of your store.

Outside of the main entryway to your shop, implement signs that market your best bargains and deals. Message boards and tall promotional posters are two great options for catching the attention of passersby and showing off what you’ve got in store. Especially during the winter, you might want to opt for items with bright colors and large lettering, which will really stand out.

Don’t tone it down for your shop’s interior advertising. Bring front windows to life by using mannequins in store displays that feature special items. You can also use models and forms to create scenarios that center around some of your top sales. Illuminate the area with soft strand lighting, which can look particularly magical on dark winter evenings.

More is more
During clearance sales, you want to maximize your space to show off as many goods as possible. High-efficiency bins and containers can really help you make the most of the room you have. So as not to make your store look over-crowded, do try to select the store fixtures in a variety of heights and dimensions. For instance, mix and match large horizontal dump bins with smaller, three-tiered units. As always, signs and pricing are of the upmost importance, as they ensure customers don’t have any questions.