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Winter’s best color combinations

Winter’s best color combinations

Your shop may be sporting traditional holiday shades of red, green, silver and gold, but winter isn’t over after Christmas. Continuing into the chilly months, here are some color combinations you can highlight throughout your store fixtures to maintain an updated and eye-catching appearance.

Red and gold
Just because Christmas has passed doesn’t mean you have to put all of your decorations away. Holiday-themed items in solid scarlet or green can be repurposed after the season is over by accenting them with some metallic tones. When changing up window displays, add some details like wholesale ribbon to lend a touch of sparkle to either of the shades. This could be incorporated on solid-colored pieces like cherry wood furnishings, or standing features such as jersey form models with decorative covers.

Green and blue
This earth-inspired combination is neutral and appealing for any season. A number of solid form covers incorporate the colors, including the Mist cover, with a floral pattern and the Ikat cover, which goes for a lighter, antique look. Neck blocks are another great way to incorporate color into your classic pieces. For instance, a gold satin or Damask form cover could be accented with one of the new, electric blue glass neck blocks. Or opt for a clear glass neck block over solid hues based in green and blue like aqua. Staying with the natural theme, wooden accents really complement both green and blue. Instead of glass neck blocks, you could select a classic wooden piece or locate ornamental items like teak risers or an accent bowl.

Black and white
If you’re looking to make a statement during the new year, consider making a stark change and going for a black-and-white design. This theme is clean in appearance and simple to incorporate into any interior design. Almost all display fixtures, including tables, shelving units and racks, and forms and mannequins, are available in either tone. Select one of the shades for your walls, then accent away. Dark wall space can be highlighted artistically by lighter wall-hanging fixtures, and objects like acrylic cubes or stands can create an eye-catching “floating” appearance for apparel that you’d really like to stand out. Black-and-white designs also allow for creativity in playing with the light. You do want to remember to opt for softer lighting, however, such as string and strand options, as harsher alternatives may create too much of a contrast between the colors.