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Winter retail items that may be forgotten

Winter retail items that may be forgotten

With winter just around the corner, many retailers are in the process of stowing away any unsold summer items to make space in display cases for the hottest cold weather goods. During this process, there may be some items that retailers overlook, which could result in fewer sales later in the month. Here are some tips for retailers to make sure that they keep any items that could be winter sellers out on the floor.

For clothing retailers
Of course you'll be dressing up your adult and child mannequins in sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves, but there are a few other pieces of clothing shoppers may be looking for that are a bit more outside the box. For instance, in addition to your heavy duty winter boots, you'll want to make sure that you have rain boots or galoshes out as well. After all, sometimes, winter brings more rain than snow.

Remember, also, that a lot of people plan vacations during the months of January, February and March, and typically they are heading off to somewhere warm. For this reason, keep a small selection of warm weather clothing and bathing suits in a place that's easy to access. Then, when vacation-planning season begins, you can market a special sale to shoppers and let them know you have what they need for a successful, tropical getaway.

For electronics merchants
Electronics like cellphones, desktop computers, tablets and laptops are popular year-round, but there are some items that shoppers may find they need this winter. Batteries are definitely something shoppers want, so be sure to stock plenty of these on hanging racks near the front door, especially if and when your local weather forecast predicts a blizzard.

Remember that more people will be spending time staying cozy inside, so think of what electronics your patrons may want to keep them entertained on snowy nights. Television sets are likely going to be big sellers in the beginning of the month, and video games and consoles could also benefit from a bit of showcasing on display tables.

For home goods sellers
Those who sell home goods should be sure to emphasize their wares that can help customers indulge in the comfy feelings of winter. Down comforters and flannel sheets are likely to be big sellers. Many shoppers like to bake and cook during the long winter days, so don't forget to stock up on slow cookers, baking pans and other items that will prove useful in the kitchen.