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Window displays for the Thanksgiving season

Window displays for the Thanksgiving season

With October behind us, the season’s main holiday finally has time to shine. There are only a few weeks until Thanksgiving, and you can bet shoppers are getting ready for the celebration.

Tap into the mindset customers are operating in and bring a bit of Thanksgiving to the store displays with these fun decorative ideas.

A bountiful store
Part of the holiday’s appeal is the notion of a feast. People love to pile delicious food onto the table and eat until they fall asleep – it’s the American way. You can channel this idea with your next window display.

Instead of a bountiful meal, consider showcasing popular items aplenty. Create a cornucopia that oozes the products expected to be hot for the holiday season. You can make your own cornucopia with both speed and ease using papier-mache. Before you begin, decide how much space you want it to take up and the merchandise you want to fill it with. It might look best to choose items that are all one color or one product, or simply make it a smorgasbord of offerings for passersby to examine. One way to design the display is with products in fall colors to keep with the seasonal theme.

Feast on the savings
Hone in even more on the idea of feasting and arrange your display tables to look like a dining room feast. Instead of plates with food on them, place a product in front of every chair. You can also use mannequins in the setup so it looks like an even more convincing Thanksgiving meal. Use the tools at your disposal to create a sign that encourages window shoppers to stop in and take a bite of what you’re serving – great discounts on fabulous products. One of the best ways to showcase the merchandise on the tables is with display easels at each seat.

Signs of the times
Since turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving dish, you can create a display that focuses on the delectable bird. Whether you choose to cover the window in feathers purely for the aesthetics or create a turkey with the merchandise you arrange, people will be on your wavelength.

If you want to go even less specific with your display decor, pumpkins and leaves are still excellent options for November-themed designs. While traditional orange pumpkins are swiftly falling out of season, gourds are perfect for late fall window displays.