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Why you should consider painting an accent wall

Why you should consider painting an accent wall

Have you ever considered redecorating your store, decided it was too much work and dropped the idea?

Luckily, there’s a great way to give your shop a makeover without having to close for a week as it’s converted – an accent wall. If you’re not familiar, this is when you paint just one wall a bold color and leave the other three in a more neutral tone. According to BEHR, this gives a room more dimension and can even eliminate the need for artwork when it’s impactful enough on its own.

Check out this insight into accent walls and mull over which colors would transform your store in a wonderful way.

How to decide on an accent color
When you’re considering colors for your accent wall, there are several ways to narrow down your options. One popular choice is to indulge in a color you love, but are hesitant to commit strongly to. If you’re attracted to a bright or bold hue that would be aggressive on all four walls, try it out on just one. When you select a vibrant paint color for an accent wall, it can brighten the space in a gentler manner than surrounding your customers in yellow or turquoise.

According to BEHR, you can use an accent wall to change how large or small the store looks. For shops that feel cramped and closed in, paint an accent wall in a cool color to expand the way it looks. If your store is expansive and can feel impersonal, add a warm-colored wall to bring the space in.

Choosing an accent color can also be based on the current store fixtures and decor. House Beautiful Magazine suggested isolating a color from the carpet or upholstery to tie the room together and make the fabric more interesting. An accent wall is great because you don’t necessarily need to make many changes to the rest of the space. You can simply determine the best shade to coordinate with the current color of your walls, whether you’re thinking about painting with a contrasting color or a darker shade of the walls at present. It’s your chance to experiment with paint in new ways and switch up the attitude of your store.

How to choose which wall to highlight
A big part of perfecting the accent wall is determining the best surface for the job. Before you make a decision, consider how you’re attracting attention to this specific point, so it should be visually appealing. BEHR suggested adding color to a wall that has interesting architectural elements, be it a unique crown molding or fireplace facade. Another way to choose, according to House Beautiful, is by isolating the wall that receives the most sunlight. This extra shine will make the accent wall even more powerful and vibrant with your store displays.

If your walls are mainly covered in slatwall and merchandise, the Decorologist recommended painting an accent ceiling. This lets you add a pop of color that’s evenly spread across the store.