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Why glass cases are ideal for displaying sunglasses

Why glass cases are ideal for displaying sunglasses

With summer just around the corner, shoppers are going to be looking for all the clothes and accessories they need to prepare for the warm weather. Many of the preferred seasonal activities involve going outside, whether it’s hitting up the beach or hiking, so customers will need the proper tools. This can be anything from loose clothes and hiking shoes to sandals and hats. One accessory you can count on people needing this season is sunglasses.

You need to make sure your store displays are ready to showcase your selection of protective lenses this year to shade shoppers’ eyes from the sun’s rays. These products are delicate and need to be exhibited in a way that will guarantee their protection and quality, but also allow all of your customers to see every facet of them so they can decide which pair best fits their needs and style.

Put them right under shoppers’ noses
The best way to show customers a majority of your sunglasses is with glass display cases. These display fixtures fit in well with any theme and also expose your products to as many people as possible.

Glass display cases give you a safe buffer between shoppers and the sunglasses to ensure they look their best for everyone. Without having to worry about anyone picking them up, the chances of the lenses getting smudged or the frames damaged are reduced to zero. Your employees control who tries them on. Shoppers won’t be put off to any of the selection just because the person who handled them previously detracted from their appearance. This allows your sunglasses to compete for customers’ affection on an even playing field where the only factor leading to a purchase is the buyers’ preference.

Many of the cases have extra shelves that give you room for decorating to fit in with the themes of your store. As the cases become adorned with ornaments that make them more welcoming, customers will appreciate the ample room they have to check out all of the wares. Because of the glass, shoppers can see the products from a 360-degree angle, permitting them to visualize what the products would look like as a part of their outfits.

The Showcase White Gloss case from the USO collection is one of these fixtures that could fit into any summer design. Its light color brings just the right mood to the shopping experience and the added storage space is perfect for stocking other warm-weather accessories.

Keep the sun out of your models’ eyes
To let the people passing by your store know that you have the eyewear for them this summer, you don’t need to have a rack of sunglasses sitting at your door or in your store’s windows. An easy way show customers that your shop has the accessories they might be looking for is to harness the models already catching their attention.

Your mannequins are a very visual method for getting your clothing out there in the public’s eye, so they are the perfect opportunity for showing passersby some of the sunglasses your business offers as well. Place a pair on each of your models to help complement the outfit they’re displaying. This will make your mannequins much more well-rounded and add some spice to an otherwise plain area of your displays.

Everyone loves putting their sunglasses on and stepping out to see the season through their tinted vision. For many people, the color of summer is defined by their sunglasses, and with the proper displays, your store can help them find the right shades this year.