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Why do hangers matter for my store?

Why do hangers matter for my store?

You can sell the most upscale garments in the world, but if they are sitting on the wrong type of hanger, you might as well be selling rags. At the same time, you can increase the assumed value of an item by displaying it in an attractive way.

When choosing hangers for your store, you need to consider which size will fit the best among your store displays. If quantity is an issue, consider thin plastic or wire hangers. You also need to determine which color and style will match best with your store's style. If you have a girly boutique or sell children's clothes, consider pink, wooden hangers. For a more sophisticated look, choose wooden hangers with a black or walnut finish.

However, appearance is not the only thing that matters. One thing to consider about your hangers is the support they offer for the garment. A heavy sweater or jacket might look saggy and sloppy if it is hung on too flimsy a hanger. Having substantial hangers is crucial to helping the customer understand how good the item could look when they take it home.