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Why cleanliness is essential for retailers

Why cleanliness is essential for retailers

At the end of a long workday, when you've been hustling customers in and out of your shop, reorganizing your wares, advising employees and restocking items, it can seem like a major pain to have to go through your store and do some serious cleaning. But keeping items neat and tidy is important for retailers, even if you think most customers won't notice.

It's the little things
Big tasks like mopping or reorganizing folded shirts are easy enough to take care of, but keeping your store clean also means paying attention to detail. It's true that many customers will turn a blind eye to a little dust on your store fixtures or an occasional blemish on your gondola shelving, but the more of minuscule problems like these your store has, the higher chances that customers will walk away with an unpleasant feeling. They may not be able to point out one specific thing that bothered them, but when they consider your store as a whole, they may think twice about returning again.

Out with the old and in with the new
You may have eradicated all of the dirt and stains in your store, but you'll still have a problem if your display items look old and haggard. There's a certain charm to the "vintage," look, but a dilapidated display table and mannequins that look like they're about to fall apart aren't going to make many sales. Every so often, you have to bite the bullet and spend a little to make a little. Look for mannequins on sale to replace those that are a little worse for wear.

Don't forget the exterior
When focusing so much attention on the interior of your store, you can't forget that the first thing customers see is the outside. Washing your store windows, scrubbing the door, straightening store signs, and generally making the exterior gleam will let customers know that you offer a tidy oasis where they can find great items for sale.

Employees matter too
This may be the hardest part of your "clean sweep" to deal with, but it's important that your employees look neat and tidy too. This doesn't mean that every single store has to have a formal dress code, but making sure that your employees match the interior of your store is important. For instance, a toy store could get by with having staff wear nice jeans and tasteful tops, but a high-end jewelry store should require a bit more elegance from their employee's work outfits.