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Why Being “Eco-Friendly” is Important for Your Business By kathy ireland

Why Being “Eco-Friendly” is Important for Your Business By kathy ireland eco-friendly is more than recycling and buying a fuel-efficient car. It is living every aspect of our lives intentionally, with our home, Earth, in mind. Preventing damage to our environment by living with a minimal ecological footprint is easier than ever before. Many businesses and manufacturers, like Firefly Store Solutions, have committed to a green, eco-friendly future. It is important for each business, from international to independent, to actively participate in preserving the delicate balance of our environment. The impact of your company maintaining ecologically- conscious practices extends from your individual customers, to your entire community, and beyond. By utilizing eco-friendly products and applying this lifestyle to your business, you can help make this critical change a reality.

Sustainability, the idea that natural resources must be renewed and maintained, is not only crucial for environmental balance, it is also important to your customers. From the look and material to how the products are sourced and processed, sustainability is in every aspect of the purchasing experience. How has an ecological, sustainability-focused mindset seen such a rise in popularity and acceptance? Heightened recognition as an ethical and environmental responsibility, has influenced today’s customers, especially of the Millennial and Gen Z generations, who are increasingly requiring more from their purchase. When visiting your store, customers want to know they are supporting a business applying sustainable practices and supporting causes that benefit the environment. According to a major online survey site, “35% of people [surveyed] are willing to spend more money on products that are better for the environment. And 56% of respondents were at least moderately or slightly likely, indicating that a majority of respondents would consider a higher price point for these products.” Fortunately, with the growing demand for eco-friendly products, the price is not always impacted. According to Forbes, “more than 90% of CEOs say that sustainability is fundamental for success.”

kathy-ireland-byfirefly-store-solutions-eco-friendly-gift-bagsEnvironmental sustainability has grown into a way of life that transcends design. kathy ireland® Worldwide is recognized on the Sustainable Furnishings Council, and therefore we have a commitment to work with trailblazers in eco-friendly business, while maintaining the finest in fashion and design. With our kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions bamboo hangers, we are able to evoke the current Biofilia design trends of bringing the outdoors in, while maintaining stringent ecological standards to ensure a sustainable future. It is our human impulse to interact with our environment, and biophilia is the innate tendency humans have in seeking connections with nature. We see this in recent trends using plant-based materials such as bamboo, burlap, ratan, hemp, jute, and other natural, sustainable resources. This is also seen with rich greenery of palm fronds and abstract gardens on printed textiles made from surprisingly luxurious fibers that are environmentally compatible. Sleek, refined lines found in the grooves of bamboo add an architectural and minimalist aesthetic that brings a sense of tranquility. Natural curves and textures of wood, floral and fauna kindle that very connection with nature that is longed for by our human instincts.

Celebrate your company’s dedication to an eco-friendly mindset and approach. Share with your customers that you have a low impact on the environment and a sustainable business. Not only will this entice new customers, it will cultivate current customer loyalty. Please, explore Firefly Store Solutions’ eco-friendly options to start, or continue, on our path to an earth-conscious future, as well as business success. Preserve our precious environment, your discerning customers, and your powerful business with the solutions provided by eco-friendly products, processes, and thinking deliberately and continuously about the glorious future of this planet… for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.