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Who wears short shorts? Ideas for half pant forms

Who wears short shorts? Ideas for half pant forms

The time for long pants is over now that temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. Shoppers are no longer required to cover their legs to keep warm and many of them will be eager to show off their summer tans or even just to let their legs breathe a little.

The weather may make it difficult for customers to keep cool if their legs are wrapped up, so you need to ready your store displays to showcase your summer selection of summer bottoms. Shoppers will be out looking for new shorts and skirts to strengthen their summer wardrobes. You need to prepare the store fixtures that will best represent your lower body items and herald the season of shorts into your shop.

Making legs a top priority
Whether you need fixtures for mens or women clothing, there are pant forms for everyone. Instead of decorating full-body mannequins, pant forms enable you to present only the products needed. An army of decked-out models might be overwhelming for shoppers if they’re bombarded with too many products. Pant forms allow you to only show what can physically fit on them, eliminating the pressure of completely adorning mannequins.

Instead of displaying a bunch of figures showing as much as possible, pant forms enable you to focus customers’ attention on specific areas.

You can use this to gear themes toward particular types of clothing or even showcase more of certain stock that you might not have enough full mannequins for. Rather than fully dressing many models, use one complete mannequin as a focal point and deviate outwards with pant forms to demonstrate other possible wardrobe combinations with your selection of shorts and skirts.

Add some summer color
With the C3 Custom Color Collection, you can even add some color to the pant forms in your store that reflect the seasons your products are meant for. Instead of plain mannequins and forms, you can brighten up the mood in your store with summer shades and tones.

The models’ colors can even be paired with matching items to better accentuate the products they’re wearing.

Just because a pant form is only half of a mannequin, that doesn’t mean the potential is also halved. If you’re creative, you can use these fixtures to emphasize the clothing shoppers are searching for.