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Where you place your jewelry displays matters

Where you place your jewelry displays matters

As a retail professional, you must have an eye for aesthetics. Your store needs to be visually pleasing, comfortable and welcoming to your customers if you want to survive in today’s market. On top of that, the displays in your store, from clothing racks to gondola shelves, need to be organized in a way that is not only appealing to shoppers but also helpful in marketing your products. When it comes to jewelry displays, placement is everything.

Within the store
Retailers who sell jewelry exclusively don’t have to worry about where in the store they will place their rings, necklaces and earrings, as the entire store will be filled with those products. However, merchants who deal in other forms of apparel must think carefully about where amongst their goods the jewelry displays will go.

Think about where your customers might expect to find your jewels. If you sell high-end accessories like golden rings or expensive watches, then your best bet is to have them in a display case near the register. Not only will customers looking for new jewelry gravitate to this spot naturally, but it will also allow your employees to keep an eye on the pricey goods, thus warding off potential thieves.

Remember levels
There are many different types of jewelry displays, each serving a different purpose. When purchasing new displays for your store, think about how you want your customers looking at your jewelry. Ring displays should be placed at waist level, as it’s natural for customers to look down at rings when examining them on their own fingers. This same technique works for bracelets.

Necklaces and earrings, however, may do better on hanging displays at chest or neck level, provided you have mirrors nearby. This will allow your shoppers to select items off your displays and hold them up to their neck or ears to see how they look.

Creative concepts
Looking for some fun and unique ways to display your jewelry? Consider purchasing a few mannequins for sale to help you move your wares. If you dress your figures in understated outfits, then the accessories they wear will stand out. For example, shoppers will be more likely to notice a dazzling gold necklace if it’s on a mannequin donning a simple black dress.

You can also use wall displays or even clothing hangers to display your jewelry. Hanging jewelry is likely to glint in the sun, which will certainly catch shoppers’ eyes.