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Where to place your best Black Friday deals

Where to place your best Black Friday deals

As you’re preparing your shop for Black Friday, you’ll want to consider how the layout of your store fixtures and merchandise fits into your marketing approach. Here are a few things to keep in mind while rearranging for holiday sale events:

Emphasize sale and discount areas
Sale items often get overlooked simply because shoppers don’t know they’re there. Make sure that your customers notice discounted items and any special sales you have going on by marking them clearly and appropriately. One of the most useful tools for achieving product awareness are store signs, which provide flexible and efficient advertisement of deals. Select a variety of advertising options, such as posters, traditional standing signs and wall-hanging items, and place them near discounted goods in a location where they are easily visible. Bright colors can be especially eye-catching, as can sparkling details.

If you’re concerned about how signs will correspond with your interior décor, try framing them to match the materials present in your display fixtures or focus advertising efforts on outdoor standing boards that can garner attention from passersby. Be sure that exact pricing details are listed on goods by marking them carefully and accurately.

Make discount items accessible
Particularly on shopping holidays, the volume of customers at your store can reach exceptionally high numbers, and the placement of sale items should be decided with this fact in mind. It may be most efficient to designate a certain area of your shop for displaying discount items, or try using high-efficiency containers along walls to spread customers out, mitigating crowding. Although non-sale items may be featured on higher shelving units, requiring staff assistance, discounted goods will likely be in high demand, so it might be more practical to put them within easy reach.