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When it comes to prom, it’s not all about the ladies

When it comes to prom, it’s not all about the ladies

Colorful gowns, tiaras, heels – all of these products may come to mind when you hear the word “prom.” But as you prepare your store for the onslaught of teenage shoppers this spring, remember that there are other demographics you must cater to as well. Here are some ways you can maximize prom sales by reaching out to a wider audience:

Let’s hear it for the boys
It’s pretty much guaranteed that about half of the people attending prom at any given mixed-gender high school will be male. This means when planning your window displays and stocking your gondola shelves, you’ll need to include a few items for boys, even if you don’t sell tuxedos. Flower merchants can advertise corsages on display tables, while beauty supply sellers may want to push hair and skin products geared toward men. Apparel retailers should purchase a few mannequins for sale to display suits and tuxes, and place formal men’s shoes near these displays. Bear in mind that often, young ladies will do the shopping on behalf of their boyfriends, so make sure your wares are organized in a way that is appealing to both sexes. Because some boys may choose to wear pieces of jewelry like metal rings or subtle bracelets, consider dedicating a few jewelry displays to men’s accessories.

Don’t forget mom and dad
Parents sometimes get more excited about prom than their sons or daughters, and it’s likely that they’ll be spending some money this time of year as well. Electronics retailers, for example, can offer a sale on digital cameras, as many parents will want to take a few snapshots of their kids in formal wear. Often times, moms and dads purchase gifts for their children to celebrate this momentous occasion, so you may want to pick up some wholesale ribbon and gift wrap just to be safe.

Teachers and chaperones
There are some adults who will be attending prom, namely teachers and chaperones. While they may not dress as glitzy as the students, these adults will still want to look classy and stylish. In addition to your prom gowns and tuxedos, showcase a few formal frocks and tailored suits that will make any science teacher or PTA member look snazzy. You can also show appreciation for the educators in your community by offering discounts on formal wear if they can show their school ID.