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What’s trendy for men this winter?

What’s trendy for men this winter?

With winter just around the corner, clothing retailers across the country are working to anticipate what trends will be en vogue during the colder months. While there's a lot of emphasis on women's fashion, retailers who sell men's clothing should be up on trends as well. Here are some tips.

Everything's black and blue
According to Esquire Magazine, dark, blue-black is going to be very fashionable for men this season. The color was on display at several major men's fashion shows, and appeared in everything from sportswear to fine suits. If you have any items in this color, it's time to get them out and put them on men's jersey forms in your display windows.

Loving leather
Similar to the trend in women's fashion this winter, men are expected to don lots of leather in the coming months. Sleek black and rich brown are the beloved colors this year, particularly for jackets and shoes.

Beyond clothing
Retailers who sell items other than clothing can also benefit from paying attention to men's trends. According to FashionTV, electronic accessories in metallic and leather are going to be quite popular. Glasses, hats, umbrellas and gloves are also items guys may be looking for this winter, so be sure to stack these on display tables in a prominent location in your store.