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What’s the right height for window displays?

What’s the right height for window displays?

When you are walking down the street past store window fronts, there are a number of aspects that make some displays catch your eye and others not. Of course, color, shape and the creativity behind the design are all crucial to its overall effectiveness, but the height of the display fixtures also makes a difference. Here are some height guidelines for you to “rise” up to.

Chest level

If you are using an adult or child mannequin in your store windows, there are certain tricks of the trade to make them more effective at modeling your merchandise. Adult mannequins should be placed so their chests are at eye-level with passersby. Your lighting should also hit this area to draw shoppers’ eyes.

From the ground up

One mistake many shops make is not paying attention to how close their window is to the ground. If you are trying to make something at eye level, you must remember to take the platform under the window into account. Centering your display in the store window might not necessarily be the best trick, since what the “center” is looks different depending on where the shopper is looking from the street. Always design your window’s focal points from the street point of view to be sure you are focusing attention on the right areas.

Negative space

Sometimes, the height of window displays can be second nature. When you are looking at your store display and see a jarring amount of negative space at the top or bottom, it’s easy to see what to remedy. Again, it is important to note how the display looks from above or below, depending on where your store window is placed and how the customer is viewing it.