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What’s making your store look out of touch?

What’s making your store look out of touch?

Have you noticed that your customers seem less than enthusiastic when browsing your clothing racks and wall displays? Does your store feel stale or tired when you arrive in the morning? Retailers who have been around for a long time must keep up with changing times. Even if they have a reliable brand and large following, they will start to appear out of touch if they don't make updates every so often. If you think your store might be in need of an upgrade, but you can't figure out exactly what issues need to be addressed, consider the following list:

Your store fixtures are stale
The products you sell at your store are only half of what you offer customers. You must also concentrate on the atmosphere your shop exudes. If shoppers feel uncomfortable, bored or annoyed when they visit your shop, they won't be coming back anytime soon. One way to give your store a much-needed boost is to update your store fixtures. Purchasing new, colorful hangers or a unique jewelry display rack will give your outlet a fresh feeling, but you won't have to break the bank.

You are a technophobe
The idea of starting a Facebook page for your business may be daunting if you aren't technology-oriented, but if you want to compete in today's market, an Internet presence is a must. If you don't feel equipped to create a few social networking pages yourself, then it may be time to hire an expert. You can tap your current employees first to see if any of them would like to take on the project, or you can reach out to a marketing firm that may be able to help out on a third-party basis.

Your staff doesn't care anymore
The vibe of your shop depends largely on how your staff interacts with customers. If your employees are hanging around your display cases and tables looking bored, then your customers are going to pick up on that vibe and feel similarly. Take a good, hard look at how your employees appear during the work day. If they are not putting in their all, you may need to find a way to incentivize and revitalize them. Giving them more responsibilities (and more pay) is one option, or you can hold friendly competitions. For example, have your workers take turns dressing your mannequins, and give whoever makes the best creation two extra days of paid vacation time or a small bonus.