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What you’ll need this summer

What you’ll need this summer

As winter winds down and the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about what your shop will need for the approaching summer. When the outdoors become more inviting, so should your window and store displays to draw in the increased foot traffic that will be out and about after a long winter.

The seasonal change represents a shift in concerns for managing your store. Instead, you can direct your attention on the aesthetic development of your themes and display fixtures while trying to deliver everything your customers will need in the coming months. Shoppers are getting ready to shift gears and so should you.

Options for what your customers will need
Every one of your shoppers is different and they all have their own preferences. With summer, they no longer have to worry about staying warm and can divert their priority to expressing themselves. It’s important to make sure you have plenty of options available for customers to choose from and ensure that they’re displayed in a way to make them all visible.

When temperatures rise, so do outdoor activities. Now is the time shoppers will be looking for new shoes and sandals for running, strolling the beach and just accompanying general outfits. To showcase your wide array of footwear, make sure you have enough shoe displays. Whether you want to gather them all together on a larger rack or present them individually with their own stands, there are options for both.

The longer days mean more sunlight, so hats are always a popular accessory in the summer. Keep a few hat racks around your displays and on your counters to remind shoppers the solace a little shade can provide during the hotter days or just to complement prospective outfits.

Even smaller preparations can go a long way, like including acrylic headband displays to give your customers another stylish option for headwear. Sometimes your shoppers are only looking for a subtle addition to their wardrobe, but they still want something to help round out the outfit. Try to include as many summer options as possible for your patrons to choose from to ensure your store has something for everyone.

Bring your brand to them
Now that most of the fierce winds have subsided, your store can go on the offensive and meet shoppers outside the door. You can be a little more aggressive with your advertising by putting a message board out amidst the foot traffic to bring attention to your establishment. Instead of waiting for people to notice your business in the milling crowd, you can captivate them with announcements of sales, funny messages or even colorful summer drawings.

With holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up, promotional posters can be extremely useful in letting passersby know of sales you’re having. People will be willing to stop and take in their surroundings, and you can take advantage of that with some signs in your windows to bring in wandering shoppers.

Every season requires different strategies for getting your store ready. Summer brings with it many changes you can use to take your store to the next level if you’re ready for it. The weather will be working with you to help stimulate growth and revenue as you gain opportunities to express your own messages and themes. You can implement more of the creative ideas you’ve been sitting on to test them out with your higher traffic to gain better results.