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What you need to know about dressing a mannequin

What you need to know about dressing a mannequin

If you own a fashion boutique or other clothing store, dressing your mannequins may seem like second nature – after all, it’s just like dressing a large doll, right? Anyone who has ever dressed an adult or child mannequin can tell you it’s not as straightforward as dressing a doll or even another human. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The point of the mannequin is to model your merchandise, so it’s important that all garments look their absolute best. Always make sure each item is in perfect condition and iron or steam out all wrinkles that may have formed during shipments and storage.

Choosing the appropriate size clothing for your mannequins is also important. The smallest size you carry will usually be the right fit for adult female mannequins, but you may need to do some experimenting when it comes to male and child mannequins.

Because these forms are not real people, you may also need to make some adjustments to the clothing to get it to fit in the most attractive way. If your mannequin has long, thin arms, for instance, it might be better suited in a larger size sweater that needs a couple of pins in the back to make it look fitted as it was designed.