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What you get when you group your goods

What you get when you group your goods

When setting up your store displays, you probably already know you should group like items together. When you put paintbrushes near the paint, put socks near the running shoes, you may be surprised at what happens.

This technique for visual merchandising shows customers how to use items, making the shopping experience an educational one, too. Plus, once a shopper learns that a certain type of eye makeup is best applied with a particular brush, for instance, they will be much more convinced they need both items – boosting your sales even further.

Even if you aren't grouping objects together on your display tables for pure utility, having items grouped next to similar products proves to your consumers that you understand them. For example, if you own a clothing store and group items together by style, you prove to the consumer who is shopping in that section that you understand his or her style, creating an experience rather than just a product.

In creating a fun experience for shoppers and making them feel like you understand them, you are more likely to encourage them to shop at your store now and in the future.