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What type of retail employees should you hire?

What type of retail employees should you hire?

If you're planning on revamping your store for spring, you may want to start with your staff. Hiring fresh faces to stock your display cases and gondola shelves can liven up your store, and you may experience increased revenue as a result. The people who are manning the registers and responding to customer questions are the face of your store, so the hiring process shouldn't be entered into lightly. Here are a few ways you can decide what sort of people would be the best fit for your retail space:

Go with the vibe
The first thing to consider when you're sorting through resumes is the vibe of your store. If you deal mostly in professional clothing for men and women, for example, you wouldn't want to hire any candidates who are too casual or haven't worked in a professional environment. On the flip side, if your store has a fun, funky vibe, then someone who is too straight-laced may make customers feel less welcome. When interviewing potential employees, you may want to ask them to describe themselves in three or four words. This will give you insight into how they view themselves and whether or not they'll fit in among the ranks already working at your shop.

Long-term or short-term
Another factor in your hiring decision should be how long you plan to employ your workers. If you're hiring seasonal help for the summer, then you may want to consider students who will be moving away come September anyway. Retailers hoping to bring on a team member who will last a long time should look for resumes that demonstrate a strong work ethic – anyone who has switched jobs too frequently should be put on the back burner, while those who are committed to the retail industry can be sorted to the top of the pile.

Hiring a specialist
One way to shuffle up your staff and also increase revenue is to hire an industry specialist. For example, if you run an ultra-trendy apparel store, you may want to seek out candidates who have a background in fashion design to give your customers an extra reason to pay your store a visit. These individuals will also be able to help you dress your adult and child mannequins. Technology vendors can look for candidates who have IT experience, which will allow them to offer customer service that may not be available at competing outlets.