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What to keep in mind as kids go back to school

What to keep in mind as kids go back to school

Over the next few weeks, retailers will begin to see their stores flooded with parents and kids embarking on back-to-school shopping. If you want to make the most of your sales and promotions for this event, there are a few things you must keep in mind when setting up your display tables and clothing racks.

Target both kids and parents
Back-to-school promotions can be tricky, because you have to court two very different types of shoppers – parents and children. In terms of merchandising, this means you'll have to have your displays set at two tiers – one at eye-level for children and another higher up for adults to see. Try using tiered display tables or vertical display cases to help get the job done.

Unhappy shoppers
While many parents enjoy back-to-school shopping because it means they will be able to rest a bit more while their children are in school, most youngsters dread the end of the summer break. The kids coming to your store will likely feel a bit upset that they have to consider what notebooks, homework, calculators and clothing they will need to start up another school year. This means you have an opportunity to sell items that might get kids excited, and thus make the shopping experience easier for Mom and Dad. Consider hanging a few fun trinkets near the front of the store or by the registers that might be nice treats for kids who have completed a day of  shopping. You can also offer a promotion that gives a free toy with purchases over a certain amount.

Apparel retailers stand to gain
While school supplies are often the focus of sales this time of year, kids will still need a few new outfits to wear to class come September. This means you'll want plenty of child mannequins to display the adorable and stylish outfits you have available for youngsters. Don't forget about accessories either – you can easily communicate the fact that you have back-to-school items galore if you give the child mannequins in your front window backpacks or satchels.

Consider an "echo sale"
While late August and early September are the most popular times to hold back-to-school sales, you may want to save a few tricks up your sleeves for later in the year, around the time that kids are on winter break. When they return for second semester, they'll likely need to update their school supplies and wardrobes, so it's a smart move to reserve a few of your promotional techniques for the holiday season.