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What size boxes will you need this spring?

What size boxes will you need this spring?

Father’s Day is approaching, along with the countless graduations, anniversaries and birthdays that summer brings. Your store displays need to be ready to showcase all of the potential gifts in your shop for the customers scrambling to find the perfect present.

Everyone is different, and as such they have different gift preferences. People might be looking for something as large as a whole outfit or as small as a piece of jewelry. Either way, whatever they get will have to be packaged properly. It’s important to make available boxes of all shapes and sizes nearby many of your display tables to let shoppers know they don’t have to scramble to another location to get the materials needed for wrapping their perfect present.

Boxes for the perfect fit
Wholesale gift boxes can provide either a canvas for customers’ wrapping paper or even act as the packaging themselves. Available in a gentle white or a soft kraft, these boxes come in all different sizes can contain most gift combinations. Shoppers can leave the store knowing that their gift is wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing way.

For the smaller accessories, jewelry boxes snuggly hold rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all in place until delivery. To accentuate the elegance of the pieces inside, some of the boxes come in a pristine black frost coloring that lives up to any occasion. To add an exotic twist instead, zebra and leopard prints are available as well for a more vibrant and dynamic gift wrap that will immediately catch the eye of the receiver.

For those unsure of what to get
Some people struggle with coming up with present ideas and fall back to the classic backup – a gift card. Depending on the celebration, simply handing over a gift card might not suffice. Thankfully, a gift card box is an ideal way to dress it up. Gift card boxes are more refined than simply sliding the card across the table to its receiver and shows that the shopper went the extra mile.

Whatever the present may be, packaging makes the occasion all the more special and the gift even more meaningful. No matter what the size of the gift is, there’s a box for it. Give customers the option to make your store a one-stop destination for everything they need this summer.