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What products are hot for kids this year?

What products are hot for kids this year?

Retailers who sell products aimed at children often fare the best during the holidays. After all, much of the magic of Christmas for families comes when the kids see the big pile of presents under the tree. Store owners who expect parents to be browsing their wares this season would be wise to keep up on what products are the hottest, so they can feature these items prominently on display tables and in display cases. Fortunately, the National Retail Federation (NRF) recently conducted a survey to find out exactly what kids want this year.

"Toy trends are ever changing, sometimes proving challenging to parents who want to make their kids happy while staying on budget," said Matthew Shay, CEO and president of NRF. "This year's top toys are trendy and new, but also have some staying power, meaning children won't get bored with them within a few weeks."

The survey looked at the most popular toys for boys and girls. Below, we'll look at both and discuss some ways to help market these products.

Toys for boys
The top three toys for boys this year were Legos, video games and Hot Wheels, in that order. Other items in the top ten were also vehicle-related, such as toy trucks, so retailers should definitely consider making their automotive toys easily accessible to shoppers. You can even create a window display with trucks and cars while still sticking to a holiday theme. Create a scene outside Santa's workshop, with your model dump trucks and excavators helping move along other popular Christmas items.

Toys for girls
Barbie tops the list for girls this year, followed in second by other generic dolls. Disney and Dora the Explorer are also popular for little girls this holiday season. Make sure parents know that you carry these items by putting them front and center in your display cases. You may want to use social media to let mom know that you sell the toys her daughter wants most.

The return of the Furby
Surprisingly, the Furby is once again on the wish list of both boys and girls. They came in ninth on the list of desired toys for little boys, and third for young ladies. You may remember this toy from the late 90s, but the new Furby has LCD eyes and can work in conjunction with an iPad.