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What male shoppers want

What male shoppers want

Know your customers. It’s one of the most important rules of retail, because if you don’t understand what your primary demographic wants and needs, you will have trouble pulling in sales. There may have been a time when women did the majority of leisure shopping, but today, many men enjoy browsing display tables and clothing racks as a pastime. If you sell products or apparel that may be of interest to male shoppers, then you need to think carefully about what men want in a store. Here are a few tips:

Ease of shopping
Every customer is unique, and it’s important to remember that not all male shoppers will want the same thing. However, for the sake of this article, there are some generalizations that can be made. For example, it’s safe to say that many male shoppers want an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. This means they won’t be willing to search through display tables piled high with products to find the item that they need. Of course, even the most well organized wall displays can be difficult to navigate, which means you must train your employees to be on the lookout for shoppers who are in need of guidance.

A masculine vibe
Your store’s atmosphere should be welcoming and comfortable for all shoppers. Though it may seem silly, some men simply won’t go to a store that is decorated strictly for women. Floral scents and pink wallpaper can make some guys uncomfortable. Even if you mostly sell products for women, you should try to carve out a space in your store that is home to all of the items you are marketing toward men. This section of your store should have gondola shelves and other store fixtures in darker colors and more masculine styles.

Male marketing
The techniques you use to attract shoppers should also be tailored for your customer base. Everyone loves discounts, but men may be more attracted to markdowns on items that appeal to them. Think about what products are most often purchased by or for men – it may be wise to ask your cashiers to help you track this statistic. If you offer promos like a gift with purchase, make sure that gift appeals to both genders or that you have a giveaway for male shoppers different from those you offer women.