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What makes a profitable jewelry display?

What makes a profitable jewelry display?

Setting up the perfect jewelry display can be tricky because you’re often trying to highlight small yet valuable items. Finding an arrangement that showcases your best merchandise without overpowering its glimmer is vital for your revenue.

For small-business owners who specialize in jewelry and accessory sales, scroll though these best practices for store displays.

“Choose to highlight your most enticing pieces of jewelry.”

Designing a jewelry display
There are few important details to go over as your create store displays, such as selecting the products you want to showcase. Consider what your customers typically buy and their methods for browsing the store. You should also decide if you want to arrange all of the earrings in one section while the necklaces hang on the other side of the store, or if displaying complete jewelry sets looks best.

Choose to highlight your most enticing pieces of jewelry that will turn heads from across the store. Another way to select products for displays is with employee recommendations. Have your staff pick their favorite pieces of jewelry in the store and display them together with name tags to inform shoppers who chose what.

When you’re choosing backdrops, display fixtures and props for store displays, think about what will make your products stand out. Jewelry that has bold patterns or colors will pop when placed against a neutral background, while sterling silver items can be arranged in a more eye-catching setting. You could select display fixtures and props based on the actual merchandise you’re highlighting. For example, mix homemade boutique items with quirky displays while keeping classic pieces of jewelry on traditional fixtures.

Your display fixtures should be as dynamic as your products.

As far as actually setting up the jewelry is concerned, you should look through magazines and around similar stores for ideas to meld into your own. Try to angle a row of Burlap Lace Ring Trays and use diagonals to a visually interesting scene. Incorporating display fixtures that sit at a variety of heights can add dimension to the table as well, like a taller Iron Lace Jewelry Display. If you’re going for a more straightforward design, give the display a sense of uniformity, with matching display trays and color schemes, plus even spacing between products.

Getting the lights just right
Giving your merchandise an effective light setup will prevent the pieces from being swallowed into the display based on their size. Doling out resources for ramped up lights may seem unnecessary, but having proper display designs can boost your sales overall and generate more revenue, according to JCK Magazine. In fact, having interesting lighting in your store can further differentiate your brand, a goal all stores should have to thrive in today’s industry.

InStore Magazine suggested keeping lists of your store displays over time to be sure you don’t showcase the same products from month to month. Remember to set up mirrors every few feet throughout the store so shoppers can check out how your merchandise looks on them.

The source suggested lighting your products from two angles – inside the cases and from above. This will ensure everything is easily seen as customers browse the displays, as well as when you remove merchandise for them to try on. However, it’s important that the lights are set up in such a way that shadows won’t be cast on the jewelry, especially when shoppers are peering into the cases. If you sell precious stones, makes sure the brightness and heat from the bulbs won’t damage or fade the merchandise.