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What kids will be shopping for this summer

What kids will be shopping for this summer

Summer is the best season for kids. School is out, and the warm weather means they have plenty of time to play in the sun. Because kids will be more active this time of year, you can bet that their parents will be taking them shopping to help keep them busy until September comes. If you carry items for kids this year, here are some predictions on what items will be selling well and tips on how to display them:

Outdoor toys
Do you remember those long summer afternoon of your childhood spent swimming in a pool, playing in the backyard or running up and down your neighborhood streets with your friends? These are activities children still enjoy today, so you can bet they'll be on the lookout for pool toys, sporting equipment and other outdoor playthings. You can create a fun summer scene in your front window using child mannequins. Consider a poolside theme, where you place a few of these figures around a kiddie pool filled with blue tissue paper and ribbons to simulate water. Don't forget to dress the mannequins in your hottest bathing suits.

Camp supplies
Many parents send their youngsters to camp for a few weeks out of the summer, but they don't send them off empty-handed. Do some research on what camps may be popular with the young people of your community. For example, if there is an art camp nearby, then you may want to stock your display tables with paints, popsicle sticks, yarn and other items that kids might need while they're away.

A rainy day display
Parents often dread the rainy days of summer, as it can be difficult to keep kids happy when they're cooped up inside. Let Mom and Dad know that you've got their back by creating a "rainy day" display. In your front window, place a wall display or display case filled with items that would be great for kids on rainy days, such as books, crafts or electronics.

Vacation time
Summer is the season for family vacations, so stock your store with items that kids might need while they're traveling. In addition to warm-weather apparel, think of other items that parents might buy for their kids before a big trip. Small backpacks and suitcases are a good start, but you can also showcase items that might be useful on long car rides, such as coloring books and handheld games.