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What is the best sidewalk sign for your store?

What is the best sidewalk sign for your store?

If your store is located in a pedestrian-heavy shopping area, adding a sidewalk sign to your store's signage could be a great move when it comes to marketing your shop. Sidewalk signs make it so passersby will literally walk right into more information about what's going on inside your store, potentially drawing them in to check out more. If your storefront is below or above street level, this could be crucial for sales. How do you decide which sidewalk sign is best for your store?

Consider style
For fashion boutiques, jewelry shops or other specialty stores, the style of the sign might be of the utmost importance. A chalkboard sidewalk sign with a rustic wooden frame may be an attractive option. Not only is it a classic style, but it gives you the freedom to create unique and stylish lettering and designs on it to get your message across.

Weathering the elements
If you are going to be placing your sign outside in a range of weather conditions, a chalkboard might not be practical. Instead, it might be better to choose a plastic sign with lettering that you can change. This is also a good option for the less-creative types who just want the lettering to be clear and neat!

However, if you want a waterproof board that still has plenty of style, you may want to choose a black or white board that is designed for use with chalk-like markers. This gives the appearance of a black or white board and allows you plenty of creativity, but will be waterproof and smudge-proof.

Other considerations
There are a number of sidewalk signs on the market today, so you will also need to decide whether you want a two-sided sign, bubble letters or plain. You might also want to stock up on supplies such as markers, chalk or extra letters so you can always get your message across.