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What goes into an ideal boot display?

What goes into an ideal boot display?

Boots will be a top seller from fall all the way through spring, so it is likely you will be changing up your boot displays several times. There are three elements that you should keep in mind when setting up display tables and windows with the best boots of the season.

Fill them up
While ankle boots and other shorter styles will be able to hold their own on your display tables, tall leather and suede boots may need some support to stand tall. Making sure your boots are filled with boot trees or shapers is crucial to give shoppers the best idea of what the boot will look like on. Plus, many boots have zippers, cut-out designs or other style aspects on the upper portion that need to be shown off.

Filling the boots on display will also maintain their shape and keep them in good condition for when they are purchased.

Weigh them down
Once they are full, many tall boots will be top heavy, causing them to topple over and knock the rest of your display over. It is crucial to keep all of your boots, particularly the tall ones, weighed down with a boot weight of at least one pound. This will give your display a strong center point.

Keep them clean
The boots you have on display are essentially representatives of all of your boots, so they should be in the absolute best shape. This means the material they are made of should be in its best condition and they should be clean.

Even if you change your displays frequently, it is important to ensure that your boots on display are dust-free and gleaming. Polish or condition them regularly and dust the display at least once a week.