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What does fall mean to your shoppers?

What does fall mean to your shoppers?

Though it’s still quite warm in many regions of the country, in just a few weeks temperatures will be dropping, leaves will be changing and the customers browsing your display tables and clothing racks will be looking for an entirely new set of products. As a retail worker, it’s your job to stay up on what your customers will be looking for and adjust your marketing techniques, store fixtures and promotions to accommodate their needs.

A change in attitude
Obviously, you’ll need to swap out the T-shirts and shorts on your clothing racks and hangers for more seasonally appropriate clothing, but it’s not just a shift in products that you need to make. The attitude of your shoppers will change over the next few weeks. You’ll likely see an end to the carefree (and often splurge-centered) shopping styles of your clients. instead, they will be looking for discounts on items that will help them hole up until the warmer weather has arrived once again. This means that if you run promotions on sweaters and jackets, you’ll likely seen an increase in traffic that will make up for those shoppers who refuse to go out when the temperatures are too low.

Early bird alert
You may be focusing your promotions on back-to-school items, which is a smart move, but don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you. Many people like to buy Christmas gifts early on, so they can avoid the rush that occurs after Thanksgiving. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to start creating a few promotions for the early birds out there. Even selling simple items like gift wrap, wholesale ribbon or seasonal decorations could help you boost sales.

Looking online
While you may see a decrease in foot traffic during the colder months, if you have a strong online presence, you can expect sales to increase via your web-based store. Consider kicking up your Internet marketing scheme a notch by launching new social media programs or revamping your website. This will help excite shoppers who might skip over your business on the Web if you haven’t changed your online appearance in a while.

Don’t forget travelers
You might think that after summer, people stop planning vacations, but many individuals enjoy fall travel. New England retailers will likely see leaf-peepers visiting their outlets this time of year, while stores in warmer areas may be visited by vacationers looking to escape the plummeting temperatures back home.