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What are men wearing to the beach this summer?

What are men wearing to the beach this summer?

The dog days of summer are upon us, and apparel retailers are likely still seeing bathing suits moving off shelves. While you may put your focus on bikinis and one-pieces that sell for women, bear in mind that men need swimwear as well.

What's in style for men?
Though men have fewer choices than women when it comes to bathing suits, styles do tend to change year to year. Over the past few seasons, we've seen guys donning long shorts that fall below the knee, often called "board shorts." While these still may be the suits of choice for some men, the trendiest swimming shorts today come above the knee, typically to the mid-thigh region.

Say goodbye to the Hawaiian prints of last season – this time around, it's all about color blocking. Suits that have large patches of fluorescent color will get lots of attention from shoppers. Often the suits look as though they're made from two materials, because the suit is split 50-50 between two separate but complementary hues.

Men also need shirts to wear to the beach or poolside, and tank tops are all the rage. Funky patterns and fluorescent colors are popular, but you'll also see graphic images and Americana designs.

Display tips
How can you create displays that will be eye-catching for your male shoppers? Start with a few mannequins and forms wearing the coolest suits you have in stock. Be sure to place these near summer accessories. For example, put one or two of the figures near the wall display holding your sunglasses, and another pair of mannequins near the gondola shelves displaying flip flops and sandals.