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Welcome spring through visual merchandising [Infographic]

Welcome spring through visual merchandising [Infographic]

Now that the sun is peeking through the clouds and people are shedding their jackets, it’s time to brighten up your store’s atmosphere as well.

Say goodbye to the neutral or muted shades of winter and explore colorful options as you usher spring in with these visual merchandising design tips.

Transform your displays slowly as the seasons change, guiding the transition from winter to summer gently. Early spring is perfect for pastels and light hues, especially since Easter often takes place during the first month of the season. Once it’s time for schools’ April vacations, when many families travel to warmer climates, store displays should include brighter shades that lead to a post-Memorial Day summer sale. You can switch up the color palette with merchandise, props or display fixtures such as Custom Color Mannequins.

Move winter apparel and cold-weather products to the clearance section and make way for spring merchandise. The items that customers will look for as the new season progresses should be displayed conspicuously. Store displays should also incorporate smart visual merchandising practices to garner the most attention. Arrange products by color, alternating two or three shades in blocks, and create dimension by setting items at different heights.

Bring a warm and natural feel to your store with display fixtures made from eco-friendly materials. Sugarcane and bamboo hangers look and feel great while protecting the environment from plastics that aren’t biodegradable.

Dress your store up with seasonal decorations. Flowers return after spring thaw, making their glorious arrival synonymous with the season. Consider adding bouquets of flowers to a few display tables, either fresh or fake. If you choose to buy fresh flowers, perhaps you could set up a cross-marketing partnership with one of your local florists. You may want to buy a few potted plants to display outside the store and order Hanging Paper Flowers in various shapes and colors for window displays.

Eye-catching and colorful signs can go a long way when it comes to holding a successful sale. Draw shoppers to your top-selling merchandise with a Double Sided Black Message Board and a few Fluorescent Markers. Make sure you don’t crowd the sign with too much information – strive for short, sweet and clever.

It’s important to rearrange and rework displays regularly throughout the season to keep the store’s appearance fresh. If people visit your store often and see the same layout and design, they’ll likely walk right past your displays to the items they’re looking for. Additionally, new arrivals and clearance merchandise have to be worked into the setup as your inventory changes over time. Don’t forget to straighten up the store fixtures as products become disheveled and clean often for a tidy image.