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Wedding attire for the whole family

Wedding attire for the whole family

Spring and summer are a time for nuptials, and people all over will be gearing up for the weddings of some of their nearest and dearest. When it comes to wedding attire, the whole family needs to be outfitted. Whether shoppers are just going to the wedding of your college roommate or the entire family is attending the nuptials of their cousins, it's important that stores cater to everyone, regardless of gender or age.

Children can be the hardest ones to dress for weddings, as they can sometimes get into messes from playing too much. It's important for kids to be comfortable, which is why store owners should offer kids' wedding attire that is easy to wash and wear. Parents can sometimes feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to keep their kids looking presentable, so it's a good idea to offer easy accessories such as clip-on ties or soft headbands, as these simple accessories can be easily worn and will dress up any outfit. Dress shoes are another must-have with any wedding ensemble, so be sure that some of the footwear you offer is for special occasions.

Weddings are frequently a time for women to show off their fashion sense. While a girl never want to upstage the bride, spring and summer weddings are great time to show off her styling. Shop owners will want to think about the kind of women they cater to – if it's a shop primarily for older women, the inventory should stick to the conservative styles that mature women tend to favor. However, young fashionistas will be looking for something fun, so lots of summery cocktail dresses with pastels and bright colors are sure to be a hit with this customer base.

Depending on the man, some women tend to take hold of the shopping. It's a good idea to feature accessories, such as men's ties and handkerchiefs, in pastel colors. Think of these outfits like prom attire – many couples enjoy color coordinating their looks, even when it comes to weddings. By having accent pieces with a slightly feminine color, women will be excited that their date will coordinate with them. Of course, the dark suits and sharp shirts are good ways to keep guys feeling masculine.