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Watches are eye-catching on the right hand display

Watches are eye-catching on the right hand display

With Father’s Day just around the corner, shoppers are going to be out looking for the perfect gift. Make sure your store displays are ready to showcase your selection of potential presents, whether it’s a tie or a whole new outfit.

However there is one timeless option your store should pay extra attention to: watches. Set up your collection of watches on display tables so customers can browse among the various styles for the best selection that will complement the receiver’s style and personality. Watches have the possibility to serve many more functions than simply telling the time, so there are more choices than ever – and it’s up to you to make sure customers have many products to consider.

Give them a hand
One of the best ways to exhibit some of your finest watches is with a hand display, which allows shoppers to visualize what the item will look like around the wrist of whoever they’re giving it to. Hand displays can be used to set particular watches apart from the rest by literally lifting them up, or you can use a bunch of the displays for a visually appealing array of watches just waiting to be inspected by customers.

If the hand displays you have are too upright for watches to rest on their wrists, opt instead to put them in their grasps as an easy method for shoppers to get a hands-on feel for them check out the features. On the right hand displays, your watches can draw attention just like your most sparkling jewelry.

So many choices, so little time
Watches can be a tell-tale sign of luxury or an integral part of a person’s workout routine. They can help round out an outfit or simply provide a convenient way to tell the time. With so many different styles, functions and purposes, there’s a watch to fit anyone’s lifestyle and needs. If your shop has its fair share of watches to put out on display for Father’s Day or even beyond the holiday, then you need to make sure your setup can accommodate the many choices people are always looking for.

A watch display gives your items the respect they deserve by adding a small base the timepiece can use to command its own space. You can either showcase some of your watches on a black stand for a stark contrast or an acrylic stand, which offers a view of all angles. There’s an option no matter what the watch’s color and material are.

You can present your watches on stands to customers in a variety of ways with either display tables, counters or cases. If you want to conserve space and harness the vertical room in your building, multileveled acrylic shelves provide an efficient way for displaying many items at once. The transparent material puts all of your products on a level playing field with none being seen at another’s expense.

With summer and Father’s Day both quickly approaching, your watches need to be out in the open to draw gazes. They have the potential to become important pieces of shoppers’ everyday lives. People look at their watches countless times a day, and if you show them their perfect match, that’s innumerable moments when they’re reminded of your business. Watches are a consistent piece in many customers’ outfits and gain the most exposure year round where other people can notice them. Highlight your best stock with hand displays, but don’t forget to cater to the needs of everyone.