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Warm-weather window displays

Warm-weather window displays

With warm weather finally here, shoppers will be milling about outside and it’s the perfect chance to captivate them with summer window displays. No matter where shoppers go this summer, they’re going to need to proper warm-weather clothes, shoes and accessories to fully enjoy the heated climate.

Your window displays are the perfect opportunity to exhibit the products you have waiting for them inside your store. You only have to catch their eye first.

The center of attention
One of the best ways to showcase your inventory is to make mannequins in the spotlight. These models are adaptable to a wide variety of products, ranging from your store’s entire wardrobe to the hottest pair of sunglasses this season.

Mannequins are a great method for letting customers visualize what your products will look like  so they can better picture the outfit.

However, summer isn’t just meant for adults. Children fill the streets when summer vacation starts, and they’ll all need new clothing to fit their past year’s growth. With a child mannequin, you can help parents in their never ending quest for the clothes that will last the summer.

Set the stage for the season
Even though mannequins are the perfect models for a store’s seasonal selection, it helps to remind shoppers what the summer entails. With very visual store displays in the window, you can arrange the familiar scenes shoppers might see this year.

Set up a miniature forest to simulate a camping trip for your mannequins. Garland butterflies scattered around leaves and in bushes will add not just some color to a showcase, but life as well. Even if you want to bring in some bags of sand to recreate a beach, yellow wholesale tissue paper can line the bases of your windows  to protect the surfaces from the harsh sand while also setting the right tone with its color.

It’s important to harness the seasons in window displays to feed off of shoppers’ excitement for the changing times. Not only will it bring a dynamic aspect to your store, but adding some summer color can make your inventory shine. Feel free to be as creative as you want. An imaginative display could be what sets your store apart from the others. Just as summer is full of possibilities for your customers, it can be the same for your business.