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Warm up your store displays for summer

Warm up your store displays for summer

When most people think about summer they imagine warm weather and bright colors. Store owners looking to showcase their new summer merchandise will want to convey these feelings to potential customers to entice them to come in and look around.

Creating a light and airy summer vibe in your store is easy with the right materials. First, take out any dark table displays or store display fixtures in exchange for tables in white, cream or another neutral tone. This simple change will help your store transition from dark to light, while adding in new accessories will further emphasize the change.

Display baskets with burlap liners offer a natural feel that works well with the easy and carefree summer attitude. The neutral tones also allow your products to provide the space with bold pops of color, rather than the displays themselves. Store fun beach towels, flip flops and other beach accessories in the baskets to help people envision what they'll need for summer. You can take the beach feel a step further by adding in jars full of sand and shells and even colorful beads to keep near the displays. This will help consumers get into the summer spirit without going over the top.