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Warm up wall displays with rustic decor

Warm up wall displays with rustic decor

Nothing warms up the look of a shop like rustic décor. As the weather cools down, try some of these tips and tricks to make your own space creatively appealing to customers:

What comes to mind when you think of the word “rustic”? For many, a natural, woodsy feel accompanies the term, so try to incorporate that same sense of outdoor beauty into your displays and store fixtures. For starters, mimic the colors of the season, opting for warm green and brown tones. You can incorporate these in the coloring used on your shelving units and display tables, opting for natural wooden materials like rich cherry sets or multi-level pieces.

Instead of industrial lighting, choose to go au natural with string lights on copper wire. The smooth material and shade will perfectly complement your rustic theme, and the softer glowing light can bring out accents of your products instead of creating harsh shadows. Strands or rose leaf lights look particularly striking when used in front window displays.

For decorating made simple, work with a collection display group, which pairs items that you can count on looking perfect together. The Hanson set features bar and wooden details like hangrails, tables and shelves in natural tones with a “reclaimed” appearance. Far from imperfect, the unique qualities of such items can give your store a sort of classic character.

Pay attention to details in crafting your rustic design. Little things can make a big difference in completing your look. For example, you may want to consider switching out plastic or metal hangers in favor of wooden features instead, in natural wood, bamboo or walnut. Matching the material of your hangers with major display fixtures or shelving units can help create a sense of continuity throughout your store.