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Want hot displays for cool merchandise? Bike it!

Want hot displays for cool merchandise? Bike it!

Whether you sell pet supplies, hardware or high-end jewelry, you want your merchandise to appear valuable and of course, "cool," when your customers are browsing the aisles. That's why it's important to always have the hottest displays for your goodies.

Accentuate the coolness of your merch with some of the hottest display trends out there today. This year, bikes are in style for accenting display tables. Whether your shop sells bike gear or something entirely unrelated, using a bicycle as a prop alongside your other store fixtures is a surefire way to show your customers how hip you are.

A vintage-looking bicycle is the perfect opportunity to display jewelry, trendy clothes, garden supplies or even kitchen supplies. It doesn't have to be new or functional – after all, it's simply for display purposes. Paint the bike different pastel colors to give it a playful, carefree and summery vibe.

If your store has a more serious or sporty tone, bikes can still come in handy! If you are marketing your sports clothing line or camping equipment, set up a mountain bike next to an adult and child mannequin in the window to create a display of an outdoor adventure that is sure to draw in your clientele.