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Visual appearance affects purchases

Visual appearance affects purchases

How your store looks is crucial to consumers' shopping experience, according to a recent study. Marketing company KISSmetrics recently conducted a survey detailing what consumers look for in a good shopping experience.

According to the data, when marketing new products, most people decide to buy based on visual appearance over sound, smell and texture. Looking closer, it was found that 85 percent of people surveyed said color placement was the primary reason for why they bought a particular product – regardless of whether or not they needed it.

You can update your shop to represent what consumers want with just a few simple changes. If your retail shop has dark, out-of-style display tables, they may not be working to properly represent what you sell. You can easily fix this issue by purchasing more modern and light maple display tables. This way, the clothes can add the pops of color and enhance the space. You might also want to improve the overall vibe by placing baskets with burlap liners in unexpected places throughout the store. Stack some colorful sandals and flip flops or even scarves, summer hats and towels inside the bags to use color and natural materials together.