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Valentine’s looks for models and mannequins

Valentine’s looks for models and mannequins

It’s time to dress up your mannequins and set up your store displays in lavish scenes of love. Valentine’s Day is always a time to let your creativity shine, and you can stage your models in a manner that reflects the best parts of this celebration. Divide your models into pairs and dress them up in the best your store has to offer, or make it like each couple is on their very own Valentine’s Day date throughout your shop. They could simply be going for a walk together, hugging, exchanging gifts or maybe even in the middle of popping the big question. No Valentine’s Day trope is off limits.

There are many ways to set yourself apart from competitors on this holiday. A little effort goes a long way. You can sprinkle your display tables with Valentine’s candy or flower petals, hang scarlet red wholesale ribbon from the ceiling, and even use balloons or flowers with your mannequins and store racks. Balloons with love messages written on them can be used as your models own speech bubbles, giving your displays a whole new level of depth not often seen.

Don’t forget to compile a playlist for the day with some classic love songs.

If you want to get your customers a little bit more involved, you could set up a billboard where people can leave anonymous love notes.

Those who are into arts and crafts can take this opportunity to construct various designs made from all sizes of hearts to decorate your window displays. Lining the borders with red Christmas lights is a bright way to catch someone’s eye, too.

Above all else, give your store a noticeably red color scheme. Association can be a powerful and subtle tool to start your customers down the Valentine’s Day path. A color can wrap up the whole theme and often requires minimal effort while still showing your store is involved with the holiday. For example, mannequins and apparel racks can be ordered in any shade of red you desire from the C3 Custom Color Collection.