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Valentine’s Day window display inspiration

Valentine’s Day window display inspiration

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching so it’s time to dedicate your window displays to the holiday. Although there are certain businesses that sell classic Valentine’s Day gifts, retailers of all sorts can capitalize on the gift-giving tradition.

This January, plan for an exciting and romantic window display that will attract people shopping for their valentines.

Love is in the air
Since this holiday is characterized by distinct colors and symbols, it’s easy to dress up your windows for the occasion without switching out display fixtures or products. With a few decorative additions, your evergreen display becomes seasonal and topical. Consider making chains of paper hearts to hang from the ceiling.

You can also order visual display items such as Paper Aztec Balls or Paper Starburst Fans, both of which come in various shades of pink. A couple of strings of Red Rose Leaf Lights or Rose Acrylic Tiles will also fit the theme while providing a whimsical and elegant vibe.

A more involved project involves making candy hearts from pieces of Styrofoam to display in the window. Paint each heart a different pastel color, but avoid spray paint because it will ruin the material. When they’re all coated in the appropriate hues, paint relevant phrases on them. You can either stick with the same words that come on the real candy or change them to fit your business and products.

Easy additions
Another option for seasonal window displays is using red or pink paint to write seasonal words such as “love” or “kiss” across the glass. This is a simple addition that won’t take very long to complete. Alternatively, you can simply switch out the merchandise on display so only red, white and pink items are being showcased. This doesn’t involve any props or decorations, so it’s great if you’re running tight on time or with your budget.

Don’t forget the singletons
People who don’t have significant others during this time of year may be feeling left out or lonely. Depending on what types of products you sell, it might be more beneficial to appeal to those customers instead of couples. This can be done with some type of “treat yourself” theme. For example, a display that shows a mannequin lounging in a bubble bath. You could also show someone enjoying a glass of wine or decadent treat alone. Consider finding a funny quote or well-known song lyrics that fit the bill and use signage to make the display more detailed.