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Utilizing fabric in store displays

Utilizing fabric in store displays

When you think about retail interior design and store fixtures, your mind may jump immediately to materials such as metal, wood and the durable tubing featured in the C3 collection items. However, have you thought of dressing up your shop with other mediums? Fabric is a flexible and diverse material that can be utilized throughout your interior to create a unique appeal in front window display, and it can be incorporated into any structure. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your creativity when you decorate your store and leave customers with a lasting impression:

Dressing up a mannequin
When it comes to dressing up a mannequin, take a modern approach to utilizing cloth. Instead of selecting outfits, drape fabulous fabrics like silk, satin or velvet across the frame. If your mannequins are neutral shades, you may consider choosing cloth in a color that pops, or a rich maroon or deep blue, to set a sophisticated tone. This method of dressing up models can be particularly eye-catching in a boutique, or as a way of drawing attention to accessories like necklaces and earrings. For an all-over effect, consider investing in jersey form covers, which come in a variety of colors and patterns that will correspond with any interior theme.

Decorating racks, shelves or display cases
Cloth can be incorporated into more than just mannequins. To increase the versatility of a store fixture for any season or occasion, you can select cloth runners that can be laid across the tops of display cases, racks or shelves. The material you choose can reflect the tone of your store – black velvet may offer an air of elegance suitable for jewelry stores and high-end retailers, while sheer, colorful fabrics could accent the fixtures in a shop marketed towards families with children. For a vintage look, try adding lace to the top of your checkout counter, and secure it with a large candle or ornamental paperweight.

Cloth can also be placed atop and inside of display cases and clear items like acrylic cubes to add a bit of polish and uniqueness to classic fixtures. If you own a shoe store, for example, and want to highlight a great new pair, drape a piece of fabric over a clear acrylic shoe rest and voila – instant appeal. For the holidays, get creative with seasonal colors by lining display cases with red-and-green patterned cloth.