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Using tablet technology to promote your store

Using tablet technology to promote your store

The way your window displays and display tables look throughout the store is an important aspect of the way your shop is seen overall. However, as more people turn to the screens of their tablets and smartphones to consume information and form opinions about brands, there is a greater need for stores to create virtual visual merchandising, too.

Some tech-savvy companies have created their own application for tablets and smartphones that offers a catalog of products and keeps users up to date on special deals and sales going on at the store. Others have tablets in the store that act as "guides" through the merchandise. Programs on the tablet are designed to help consumers find specific items in the store or better understand the merchandise they are considering.

For example, a makeup store with an extensive product line might use an iPad to help guests find a specific type of blush, then help them learn more about the product – was it tested on animals? Is it environmentally friendly? Are there other products I might like because I like this product?

Working tablets and other technology into your store displays opens up a whole new avenue for visual merchandising and provides more opportunities for engaging your clientele.