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Using spring fever as a means to draw in crowds

Using spring fever as a means to draw in crowds

Spring may be a little more than a week away, but that doesn’t mean people don’t already have it on the brain. With spring break right around the corner for most people, many may be looking for warm weather clothes. You’ll want to accommodate these customers, as they could lead to some big sales.

Bathing suits
First step is buying some mannequins for sale and dressing them up in some beach attire. Even if shoppers aren’t going on vacation right now, they may want to pick up a bikini as a way to inspire that beach body workout. Plus, with so many people hoping for some warm weather, buying a bathing suit early may get them to the gym to work on that beach body faster.

You’ll also want to set up some display tables for sandals. Prop them up so passersby can see them first. This will not only draw them into your store, but could also attract them to other spring and summer outfits you have displayed on wire hangers. If you cater to mostly women, consider featuring little pedicure sets or perhaps some nail polish with your sandals. These are great little add-ons, as many ladies like to show off their toes with their new sandals.

Finally, no bathing suit and sandal combination is complete without a towel.Take some of your most colorful beach towels and pin them in your display window. Consider alternating patterns for a quilted effect. This can be very eye-catching, and potential customers will be impressed.

Even if only one of these items makes its way onto your shelves, you’re sure to attract those who are looking forward to hotter temps.