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Using hooks effectively in your store

Using hooks effectively in your store

Decorative hooks are the sort of piece you notice in a person’s home while hanging up coats and scarves. But are the items suitable for use as a store fixture? For many people, hooks seem like an inefficient, single-purpose piece, but that’s actually far from the truth. They are versatile and visually appealing – the perfect combination for any retail space. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate hooks into your own store displays:

Maximizing wall space
Even if you use shelving units, you may feel like you’ve got a lot of empty space on your hands when it comes to walls. Maximize vertical surfaces by using hooks to hang merchandise you’d like customers to notice. For example, in a retail store, you might pair a great outfit on a hanger or wall-hanging form model, and then hold it in place with a decorative hook. Certain shelving units may also be supported from above, which is both eye-catching and practical, as most shoppers won’t be browsing for goods at floor level anyhow and will have their attention drawn to these hanging displays.

Decorating dressing rooms
Shoppers become frustrated when they go into changing rooms and don’t have enough room to hang up their own belongings as well as the items they’ve picked out. For coats, purses and hangers, hooks or bars are the ideal option for maximizing space. Be sure to provide a variety of hooks at varying heights, and ones that accommodate different amounts of weight. If you’re looking to dress up the space, there are plenty of decorative options, such as antique styles or pieces that include ceramic bulbs. Hooks can also be utilized to keep curtains in place, marrying fashion and function in one simple move.