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Using head forms to show off your accessories

Using head forms to show off your accessories

As an accessories store owner, you may be concerned about finding the best way to show off your products. While purchasing mannequins for sale can help, head forms are actually a much better presentation for small items.

In addition to having your employees wear some of the headbands you have in stock, head forms are a great way to display these accessories. If you want to show off multiple products at once, place the headbands in a row on the form so it looks as though it is wearing a sparkly handkerchief. If you’re thinking about really showing off how these headbands can add style to any kind of haircut, purchase a bunch of wigs. These wigs should be different colors and styles, so everyone can envision themselves wearing the accessory. These will particularly be big sellers for prom, as many girls will be looking for updo ideas.

You may not realize the importance of properly displaying a necklace, but it can actually have a much different look when it’s hanging from someone’s neck as opposed to a hook against the wall. Buy some head forms and use them to showcase some of your best necklaces. For this kind of presentation, a chunky statement necklace would work best, as these baubles are typically used to accentuate the face. Any kinds of chokers would also work, as you can stack them up the neck of the head form to show off a number of different designs.

Much like headbands, barrettes are great accessories that are best presented using a head form. Buying some wigs to accent the form, simply style the hair with some of your brightest and sparkliest barrettes. These will certainly make for eye-catching displays, and customers may be more inclined to try the trend themselves.

Summer is a great season to show off hats. Many people are trying to shield themselves from the sun during these hot months, and hats are a perfect way to do so. Purchasing head forms is the perfect opportunity to show off some of your finest hats. For an even greater look, pair some sunglasses with the hats to show off how a person can wear them in the bright sun.