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Using hats to make sales

Using hats to make sales

You may not think of hats very often, but they can actually make for great add-on items, particularly in the spring and summer months. In the hot sun, many people are worried about protecting their scalps from burns. Unfortunately, it's not possible for most individuals to put SPF on their scalp. That's where the hat can come in, and there are great styles for everyone in the family.

Hats for children can be a great way to generate some extra sales. As many moms are worried about their kids getting sunburns, offering great hats that provide protection will appeal to them. Because children tend to spend a lot of their summers outdoors, now would be the perfect time to pick up some hats. Whether it's for the beach or backyard, hats are a great way to keep kids in the shade. Be sure to keep extra baseball caps in stock, as these can be great options for a neighborhood game.

Grown men also like to spend some time in the sun. Between boating, golfing or heading out to the beach with the family, men will certainly find themselves spending more time outdoors than they might have been in the winter. If you run a sporting goods store, you may want to consider selling a variety of hats for different events. The perfect golfing hat can help shield the eyes to make that perfect shot, while a brimmed hat could make for a perfect day on the boat.

Just because a hat can be used to protect a person from the sun does not mean it cannot be stylish. Women love fashion, and cute hats are no different. Buy some mannequins for sale and dress them in your best outdoor attire. When you're making a sale, be sure to showcase hats that can complement the outfits. Fashionistas everywhere will be excited about this option, as they'll want to stay protected from the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing their outfit choices.

To drive the message home, consider offering promotions such as a free bottle of sunscreen with each hat purchase. That way, families everywhere can feel covered from head to toe.